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Putik Pin@y: honor my land

im the element of perfection
the earth ready formation
water for unity
fire for rEVOLution,
never a final blow
airing, the breath of life,
living intention
reverberate the sound
of my atomic movements
trip, trap, raining songs
of unity
I mold to the blows of my intentions,
i am a statue of fire,
EVOLved, a growth of massive potential,
my fruit from putik
is sweet,
i fire up digestion
materialize energy,
i am the rEVOLution
Putik Pin@y
the living tree,
burning angels guard
the edges of my dewy foliage,
fruitage from putik,
the chorus of rains
i am the balikbayan of many stars: a god
and my feet, are of the very mud itself