I am ready to EVOLve

I am ready.
i WAS raped…and I survive(d)
I am breathing, and I have beautiful love.
I made it to this day, because I’m supposed to meet tomorrow.

(sweetly) today:
I am ready to live.
I am ready to live.
I am ready to LIVE…



    • komoccupy

      You’re welcome. It’s coming from a really personal place. I’m braver now, and realized, after a long while, that it didn’t own me. I could evolve, even though I will never forget it. Ironically, it happened after taking a semester of courses focusing on sexual assault. I think maybe I can help others with my experience, especially being a queer male.

      • Claire Cappetta

        When I was in sales, someone once told me to sell using the “I’ve been there, I know how you feel and this is what I found” hence creating a solution using the experience.
        I feel you will be an enormous help to many people! It’s amazing that by helping yourself heal, you continue to heal also 🙂

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