Perpetual Victor…

I remember things were very different two years ago…

I was convinced that I was a victor of some sort…when in fact I was one perpetual victim.

Then someone named “Victor” came into my life. He was the biggest bitch I’d ever met (and he became my bf)…

Through our many perpetual hurdles together not having a job failing classes pills daily dose of fist fighting crystal meth ensakurrity victim I have learned to be very careful about what words I put out there in the universe; I have realized how powerful verbalizing (spoken/written) something is.

<Recently> I discovered that even what we process inside our minds manifests in ways we don’t realize. According to Filipino Indigenous principles, it is essential that one develops their kagandahang loob (wholeness of being), of which the root word of the adjective kagandahang means “beauty”.

Seeingseekingseeing our whole state, the power of possibility, as positive responses to any environment will createshapefulfill the visionrealities we marinate over, even before it reaches our dirtylittlemouths.

Victor and I will always be/are no longer together. From our relationship, I learned how to choose to put weight on the shit that will make me

I’m even getting post-racial – that’s some heavy radical shit…




    • komoccupy

      that’s ok. I chose to write this post under the framework of it’s content. This post is very much the concept in the works. However, I’m not certain about what aspect of the post confused you. If you were more specific, I can clarify.

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