Criticism on Charity

why is everyone giving percentages of profits to kids in the third world?

That’s a great good thing right?

think pink…the red ribbon…kids in need…it really makes me wonder about the adaptation of capitalism.

it’s a good thing that our collective critical minds can discern this, which doesn’t mean that if you wanna do something like it that you’re allying yourself with the exploitative nature of capitalism. Or does it? I mean, we are all living, breathing, birthing from capitalism, right?

So I say this as an unholy male-bodied person: I’m kind of on board.

Let me keep shaping KoMo the way it’s supposed to, and maybe that part of us that really wants to Mother Theresa the shit out of our lifestyle can finally bond together like meat glue, and we can take a big bite out of something genuine.

For now, you’ll see me in this game at some point. Happy journey!


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